High School Eligibility

Eligibility for athletic participation each grading period is determined by grades received the preceding grading period.  Semester and yearly grades have no effect on eligibility.

GRADES 9 – 12:  To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in a member school and have received passing grades in a minimum of five 1-credit courses, or the equivalent in the immediately preceding grading period.

For eligibility purposes, summer school grades may not be used to substitute for failing grades received in the final grading period of the regular school year or for lack of enough courses taken the preceding grading period.

A student athlete should review his/her schedule at the beginning of each school year/semester to ensure he/she is taking at least five, 1-credit courses or the equivalent.  It is recommended that each student athlete carry six courses per semester that count toward athletic eligibility.  (see note below *)

When requesting to drop a course, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the counselor that he/she is an athlete participating or planning to participate in a school sponsored athletic program.  Athletes should not change their course schedule or drop a course without first consulting the principal, athletic director, or counselor.

Note:  Physical Education and Weight Lifting may not meet these credit requirements.  Please check with your high school counselor for clarification.



Participation in high school athletics is based on passing 5 courses worth 1 credit for the year or ½  credit for the semester the preceding nine weeks.

The previous year’s 4th nine weeks grades will be used to determine if you are eligible to participate in a fall sport (football, cross country, tennis, golf, etc.).  You must continue the 1st nine weeks to pass 5 classes worth 1 credit for the year or 4 ½ credits for the semester to remain eligible to participate in your sport.  Football may continue past October 30 when the 1st nine weeks ends; basketball may begin before the end of the 2nd nine weeks; softball and baseball may begin before the end of the 3rd nine weeks…

Physical Education courses are only worth ¼ credit so they cannot be counted toward the required 5 credits.