PHS Japanese Students

PHS Japanese Class

This year,  through the International Division of Saitama Prefecture and the Ohio Department of Education, Perry High School third and fourth year Japanese  students formed a partnership with Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya High School in Japan.   The goal of the program is to “build a strong and lasting partnership between our two schools based on regular communication, rich cultural exchange and shared educational opportunities including language learning activities, projects and shared problem-solving.  This unique opportunity will provide them with innovative ways to expand their knowledge of our world, improve their proficiency in English and Japanese, and develop their intercultural skill set.” [ODE and Saitama Prefecture]


As part of our collaboration, students shared introduction letters in Japanese and English. Jade Lopez, a junior in the Japanese 3 class says, “This is fun because we can make new friends across the world and share our interests. We can also teach each other different languages.”  Each group of students also created presentations about their schools and school culture. 

social meeting

On Tuesday, April 5, students were finally able to talk to their new friends through a virtual meeting set up by Perry Japanese teacher, Deana Kramer.  Students shared their presentations and participated in a question and answer session where they learned fun facts about one another.  The Japanese students were particularly interested in American food and Perry students’ preferences in leisure activities. Students even sang their school songs/ alma mater to one another.  Students  were especially excited to share social media contact information and began communicating with one another before they ever left the meeting.  Abbie Friedrichsen, a 3rd year student stated, “ It was interesting to see the differences between their school and ours; they told us a lot about Japanese culture and customs and asked us a lot of questions about America. They're still texting us days later!” 

“Thank you so much for organizing today's meeting! It was more than a lot of fun!  My students really enjoyed it and even after the meeting, they excitedly talked about your students and their presentation.”  said Shogo Yamamoto, Kumagaya English teacher. 


Kramer-sensei hopes to continue this partnership in the future to provide her students with the opportunity to communicate in an authentic way with their peers in Japan.  “This has been so much fun so far.  I hope that we can continue to develop our relationship and create lifelong friendships with our sister school in Japan.”


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