2022 Summer School & Summer PE

Summer School

Registration is now open for 2022 Summer School and Summer PE. Students can access the applicable link below, complete with a parent signature and return to their counselor as soon as possible.  

Summer PE will be held from June 6 - June 17th from 7a - 12:30p Monday through Friday. The $160 fee for Summer PE will automatically be posted to their school fees when registered. Fees can be paid in person at the student's school during normal school hours or on the Pay Schools Central website. 

Summer School will be held from June 6 - June 24th from 8a - 12:00 PM Monday through Friday. Summer School Fees will NOT be charged (excluding Summer PE) as long as the student passes the course(s) they are enrolled in. Any course(s) that are NOT passed will have the fee(s) posted to the student account after the completion of summer school. 

An email will be sent to registered students and parents on Friday, June 3rd that contains specific information on Summer School / Summer PE. 

EDISON SS 2022 Registration (7-8) | PHS SS 2022 Registration (9-12)

Students should contact their counselor on what courses to sign up for. 

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