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The Department of Technology at Perry Local Schools is responsible for: Implementing the results of strategic planning, developing a technology plan, purchasing, installing, maintaining, replacing, and repairing computers & related equipment, coordinating in-service training, assisting the Treasurer with fiscal needs (hardware/software), reporting and maintaining student data, and managing the network.

Simply put, the Department of Technology is dedicated to helping prepare Perry Local students for success in this high-tech world.

Listed below are the specific goals we ensure are met at all times:

– Computers that work. Reliably and consistently. Period.

– Modern software that meets educational goals

– A stable, fast, dependable network

– Timely, friendly support

– Training that keeps our staff productive and confident

If you ever have suggestions on how we can make the technology your kids are using better, please give us a call at 478-6185 or e-mail us.