Architectural Features


The three new elementary schools will serve Kindergarten through fourth grade and feature state of the art classrooms with built in casework, sinks and access to natural light, dedicated special educational spaces, modern and efficient air conditioning building systems, new accessible playgrounds, LED lighting and a variety of technological improvements that compliment these modern educational environments.  

Throughout the design process, the District held "Building Focus Group" meetings. One purpose of these meetings was to solicit the community's feedback on how best to integrate the buildings into their surroundings. Local educators, the Perry Historical Society, District administrators and others provided input on the building's exteriors. One idea adopted from this group was to use the exterior design for each school to represent a different aspect of the community. Southway gives a nod to Perry's industrial history, Watson exemplifies the arts and Lohr represents the agricultural roots of the community.  


stars Perry

 "Concepts for the building's exteriors were derived from meetings with members from the Perry historical society, local teachers, administrators, and people involved in the community. They all decided these are some of the elements that reflect who Perry is as a community." - Ryan Schmit, Architect 


 In each of the three buildings, which are similar in layout, organize the school around a series of zones. The community focused zone includes the gymnasium, student dining, restroom facilities and media center. These are centrally located near the main entrance to provide easy access for community and after school activities. The gymnasium can double as a performance space with an included stage which could be serviced by the school kitchen across the hall. The Media Center will feature flexible furniture for collaborative work, with two attached small group rooms. The academic zone is a two-story wing where most classes will be held. Dedicated spaces are provided for special education, along with room for future expansion. A zone for the building administration is centrally located with space for guidance counsellors, a clinic, and staff offices. Safety and security are enhanced by the secure vestibule at the main entrance which is connected to the main office to check in visitors. 

Floor Plan

"The District has made good use of the spaces they have but some of the buildings have been so manipulated over the years, many spaces have lost their original function. Organization in the new schools is important and will make the educational experience much more streamlined." - Ryan Schmit, Architect 

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