Challenges in Construction


Throughout the design process, feedback has been a priority to Perry Local Schools.  As we have all experienced, the Covid-19 pandemic has created supply chain and labor shortages. Construction costs for all building projects across the state have been severely impacted. Given the increased costs in materials and labor, the District is underfunded to complete the originally planned four elementary buildings as part of the initial project.  

Virtually everyone in the construction industry could not anticipate the effect that global shortages would have on local projects. However, it is important to continue momentum on this project as acting now locks in state funding. By delaying, we will likely only see an increase in construction costs, producing even tighter budgets.  

To address cost overages and the community’s desire for new elementary buildings, the District is moving forward with building 3 new elementary schools. Grade configuration would be adjusted to K-4 (originally K-5) for each building to maintain lower enrollment. Working closely with our design and construction partners, Beaver Constructors, Shook Construction and ThenDesign Architecture, we believe this plan will allow us to reach our facility goals for the project and honor the promises made during the Bond campaign.  

Examining student count, geographic location, and site construction feasibility, the District decided that building schools near the existing Watson and Lohr elementary's and also a school on the newly purchased Southway property, provides the best locations for these new buildings. 


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